Friday, December 2, 2011

my new obsession

 I've got that travel bug in me once again.
 It never really goes away to be honest. Lately I've been dropping obvious hints/not subtle at all to Michael that I have a strong desire...nay...NEED to go back to Europe. I dream and plot often. Lately I cannot help myself by playing on my new favorite site called Let me just say that I will never spend money on a hotel again! It's like the movie The Holiday come to life. You can search by country and find super cute lofts and apartments all over the world to rent for a day/week/month for AWESOME prices. For example, I love Budapest and must go back. I found this adorable loft right in the city (Pest side) for $55 a night!!!!!! You couldn't even dream of finding a decent hotel for that price. Plus it's fully furnished, has free wifi and is just adorable. Check it out, but beware of the consequences...wishing, hoping, and dreaming. 

Good times.


  1. Oh please let's go to Pest! I'm DYING to show it to Brycie!

  2. Done! I told Michael it was a requirement before baby #2...I'm hoping for next fall/late summer? You in?

  3. I love Budapest! If Michael is not willing to go, I will! I'm completely serious!

    Oh and I think that's quite possibly the ugliest picture of me ever taken.

  4. Hey Sarah I am actually going to Europe the end of this month and am looking for someplace to stay. On it makes you pay 25 to get in contact with anyone. Did you have to do that? You think is safe? I'd appreciate any tips! Thanks

    (we used to be in the same freshman dorms and I am sam's ex-sister-in-law :))

  5. How exciting Janelle! where abouts are you going? I haven't used sublet yet. My advice would be to stay in a hostel/hotel when you get there and then check out an apartment in person that you have found on sublet, depending on how long you're staying in any certain place. Most of my hostel experience has been in eastern europe and it was quite nice to be honest. let me know and I hope this was helpful.