Friday, January 20, 2012

is your twin sister an artist?

Lucky for me, my family tree is loaded with artists. My twin sister Hailey painted these for me and Michael right before she left on her mission. They now hang above Banks' crib. I love how he'll totally turn his head side ways when I'm rocking him so he can look at them. Sometimes he smiles and I am sure it is because he can see his Dad smiling right back at him.


  1. your family is stinking talented (i know because i blog stalk them; i'm totally not ashamed). those are awesome.

    also, nick wants to know what michael's doing for work right now, because he's getting all into programming and robotics right now and wants to talk nerd talk with someone ; )

    so since you went all socially responsible and xed your facebook, you should email me: nikolai would be so stoked.