Thursday, February 9, 2012

7 months & good sleep too

Banks is 7 months old tomorrow. 
Hooray! We've kept him alive and happy thus far, I'm sure we can keep it going.

The little budget is rolling over front to back, AND back to front. As of this week he sleeps on his tummy which is a new thing for us and we welcome it. It seems like he sleeps way better this way, I feel for him. Sleeping on one side for too long starts to get old, real fast. We all know he was a big boy when he was born but I CANNOT believe how heavy he is. Every time I pick him up I can feel my little bones beggin for mercy. They don't even know what's coming because he'll only get bigger. I just pray he is an early walker for my bodies sake. He loves bashing stuff. When he's in his bumbo he loves banging his toys on the tray and makes a cheesy smile every time he makes a big noise. He's almost outgrown his jumper which is a sad tale. And he's cut his first tooth!

Perhaps the greatest blessing of all are his sleeping habits. He is such a good sleeper. Sure, he has his tricky days where he gets off schedule but I give him an A, 99% of the time. A few months ago he started to get pretty dependent on being rocked totally to sleep and then I'd lie him down and he'd instantly wake up the second his head hit the mattress. These were some tough weeks. I had read quite a few articles saying it was just fine to let a baby cry itself to sleep to help them learn how to self soothe. I tried it a few times but he would cry for his whole 2 hour nap! I'd go get him after and he'd be all sweaty from crying so hard. Broke my heart. Well, I was determined to break this over Christmas. It took 4 days of letting him cry the whole time during his first nap (he would pass out during his 2nd nap from wearing himself out during the 1st) but by the 4th day....he was cured! Just like that. Now, I lie him in his crib, no rocking mind you, with a binkie and he's down. Again, some days he's naughty but most of the time he does it! I think the key to this trick is realizing that you as a Mother know what's best for your baby. By letting them dictate when they are sleepy or not is a no go. It's ok for them to cry because when we know they aren't hurt, have a dry diaper, are comfortable, etc. we know it's just them protesting. Crying is their only way to let us know they've got an opinion, but that doesn't mean it's right. Now I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything but if your Chickie isn't taking good naps you  might want to give this a whirl...but BE STRONG and remember who's BOSS.

Mommy of course:)

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