Monday, May 14, 2012

thoughts of mine

Yesterday I celebrated my 1st Mother's Day as a Mother. Most of the day I kept thinking how crazy it seems sometimes that I am actually a Mother. I've kept Banks alive and happy for almost a year now and for that I am proud indeed. 

While in Paris this last week I realized something else about being a Mom. I realized that what I do every day with Banks is actually more fulfilling and exciting than anything else I've ever done. That good old routine, for me, is and was more enjoyable than any of our time spent in Paris. Don't get me wrong, we had a blast but there's nothing Paris has to offer that can trump my life as a Mother. I seriously mean that. 

I love having those "aaaa haa" moments. Experience is the greatest teacher. I probably won't be begging Michael to take me abroad for awhile...probably not till those blessed teen years of our children. 
Till then, I look forward to livin the good life that I have in Utah.

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