Monday, May 30, 2011

baby Bank's sweet set up

We're back!

I decided to re-enter the blogging world after having my last blog deleted...rude. My sister Sam helped to create the look, which helps me get all excited about blogging again. Thanks Sam, you're the best.

Lately I've been totally obsessed with Bank's little set up and so here is a recent picture of some of the fun details. Yes, that is a west elm rug my Mom found at the beloved NPS for $15. The art work was done by Sam and Hailey, my sisters. I recovered and painted the little bench and don't you just love the orange ant eater? Way cooler than a teddy bear. His name is Kevin.

I'm in my 36th week, due July 3rd.
We cannot wait for our little buddy to come. Sometimes I find myself just sitting in my rocking chair, staring at all the baby goods. I love holding his little outfits up while trying to imagine what type of bad things he will do one day to drive me crazy. He's pretty much all I ever think about these days and I just hope that maybe he can come a wee early, but I'm not gettin my hopes up.


  1. YEAAAHHH! Looking good! That pic of Kevin is so sweet. Super cute with the light blue background in the post, I must say!

  2. Eden has that same anteater! I'm so excited for your little guy to come! And....we should play sometime.

  3. You are one sexy mama!!!! and LOVE the west elm rug! The room is absolutely adorable.

  4. Found you from your sister Sam's blog. Love your little boy's room! and When you said the ant eater's name was Kevin I immediately thought "Kevin's a girl?!"
    If you don't know what that is from then:
    1)I feel a little awkward
    2)please watch Disney's movie "UP"