Sunday, March 24, 2013

Archie's birth story/vid

I had my sister Sam of kelly arts films capture this happy event. So glad I did.

This is how it went down.

I was waiting to get induced on Wednesday but honestly didn't think it would happen because the hospital had called early that morning to tell me they were slammed and didn't know if I would get to come in that day. Plus I had come down with some 24 hour flu bug in the night and so I wasn't feelin that good to begin with. My Mom and I decided to head to NPS to shop our sadness away. I had been feeling contractions all day/week but just figured they were Braxton Hicks and so I just worked through them as usual. We were having dinner at my parents that night when the hospital called and said we could come right in! I about died and almost pulled some muscles by sliding across the floor in excitement. We ditched Banks with them and drove to Provo. 

Got checked in and turns our those contractions were pretty consistent and intense. I must be a soldier because I worked through them like one. I got started on pitocin and the contractions got pretty intense. Epidural please! Within an hour of getting the epidural, my water broke on its own which is awesome. The Doc came right in because the baby was ready to slide on out. I literally pushed through 3 contractions and out he came!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?! I couldn't either. I was in shock! I guess I assumed all my births would be similar to Banks'. Hard hard hard. I guess not. It was actually enjoyable. Did I just say that? Never thought I would. I was super blessed it went as smoothly as it did and that Archie is here safe and sound.

The name. 
I know I had you all goin on Gordon or George. Neither felt super right to me a few days before so we just went back to the drawing board. They were left on but a few more were added. Archibald was my Mom's Grandfather's name and he was quite the stud. Geneaology Hall of Famer and much more. I just loved how Archie went with Banks and so did Michael. His middle name is Michael after my Dad.

So we are in love and feel so blessed to have him in our life.


  1. Ok the part when banks is looking at Archie for the first time is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen! The look on his face is priceless!!!! Love the ries family!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so happy for you, friend. That video is absolutely beautiful. I'm loving his name, too! Can't wait to meet that little bundle of joy.

  3. So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Soo happy you got the birth you wanted - the way it's supposed to be!! The video is absolutely breathtaking and darling! What a perfect little family!! Love you guys! :)

  5. Yea!!! Lucky you!!! We were going to name Hudson, Shane forever but then it just made me feel sick and I knew that wasn't his name. Us mom's just know!