Saturday, March 16, 2013

simple weekend bliss

Saturdays are coveted days round here. Banks and I both look forward to having Michael home all day, for some of the same reasons, but for some different reasons as well. Here are a few of the reasons why I love Saturdays:

Anytime we go anywhere, Michael always loads Banks in his car seat. This is a simple treasure for me. Sometimes during the week I decide not to leave the house for this reason. Banks is to that blessed age where he loves to fight me EVERY time I have to put him in his seat. This is killer especially being as big as I am but also because Banks puts up a good fight. Simple pleasures.

Another thing I love about Saturdays is all the mellow hang out time. Since Michael is home Banks seems so much more content to just play and entertain himself...go figure. Michael will also bust out the guitar and serenade us. We love this.

Really, I just love all our cozy, quiet time on Saturdays. Some Saturdays there is more of this than others but in general there is plenty to be had.

Banks just loves Saturdays because Dad is home all day to play.

So really, Michael is the best part of Saturday round here. We're pretty spoiled by that guy.

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