Thursday, August 25, 2011

a mini reunion plus some babies

Remember when I spent a semester in Romania many moons ago? Well I was reunited with some of the girls I lived with while there and it was glorious. At one time we all lived so close to each other, but now everyone one is off to different corners of the country. Tedi, Kelly, and Elisa you were missed but we look forward to seeing you soonish. At one point it was just us girls, now all of us are married and almost all have some babies...9 kids between us all, soon to be 10. I love these girls dearly and am so grateful they put up with me for 4 months. We had some crazy adventures in Eastern Europe. I wouldn't have wanted to share the good times and the bad with anyone else. Let's make sure we get together more often... please!


  1. That is so great! I remember when you went on that trip and how much you loved it.