Monday, August 15, 2011

a tribute

Meet Susie and Carrie.

These cuties are two of Michael's sisters, therefore they are also mine. They are pretty much amazing.
Let me explain.

I first met these girls when I went up to Michael's house one Thanksgiving when we first started dating. I was nervous to say the least. Meeting the fam is always scary right? Well, these two ladies made me feel right at home upon arrival. Ever since I've known them they have showered me with compliments, gifts and endless love. Carrie, without fail, every time I see her lets me know how much she has missed me and how glad she is to have me in her family. Susie has been known on many occasions to let me know how beautiful she thinks I am (talk about serious self esteem boosters). To make things even better, these girls are seriously talented in the music department. They can sit down at the piano and start signing some song in perfect harmony. They both have voices that could bring tears to your me. They are so willing to share of their talents at any time and/or place, yet they are so humble about their gifts. Double whammy.

I could go on and on but I was just thinking about these two ladies this morning and wanted to let you all know that I think they are pretty great.

I love you girls!

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