Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm serious this time

I would like to announce that I WILL be growing my hair out. I know I've tried this before only to fail but this time I mean business. I cut my hair in May of 2006 and it's been short since then. But, I am ready for a change. It's gonna be a rough year or so and the next months will be filled with complaints on my part and a mullet is inevitable, but I will not cave and Michael is on strict orders to not let me cave in.


  1. oh man, love those pics.....those were the golden years

  2. Here's a fun blog I love. When you mentioned you were growing out your pixie it made me think of her. She's been working on growing out her pixie. :)

  3. loved that blog hays! thanks for sharing. I wish I had some body/volume/texture/ wave in my hair. Sadly, mine won't look at rockin as her does but oh well.