Thursday, November 3, 2011


Last night Michael was a dream and gave me the night off so I could enjoy some retail therapy. Ever since I got prego last fall I feel like my style has faded. I only ever want to wear yoga pants and a solid colored t shirt...preferably American Apparel. I've been know to buy the same shirt in several different colors so I can rotate them without feeling too bad about wearing the same thing over and over again. So, I'm at the mall seeing what the half yearly sale at Nordstroms had to offer. I'm sure there were many great finds but I just found myself cruisin through without even so much as touching a single article of clothing. It's like I'm bored by clothes. I used to love shopping and finding that awesome deal. I used to put outfits together in my mind while shopping, joining the new with what I had at home all in my head before purchasing.

Not anymore.

I then strolled into Gap, a staple for me. Found a great puffy vest to keep me warm since I gave all my warm stuff away when we moved to Cali...dumb. Picked up a solid blue long sleeve shirt with a cute scarf like neck, so proud and was about to check out when I saw an ad for a promotion they were running . The deal was if you spend $100 you get $40 off. Too good to be true is what I was thinking. I asked one of the sales gals if it was truly that straight forward and she kind of looked at me like I was a weirdo and told me that it was true, spend $100 bucks on anything and get $40 back. Great. Spent the next 30 minutes gathering a few more things to get me to $100 and I go to check out. As I'm being rung up the girl informs me that this particular promotion can't be used with other promotions, meaning you can't get things that have been put on sale and still get the $40 off. Of course I had things that were on sale, buy a full price thing from Gap? Nope. Irritated I shed all but 2 things that I had gathered and check out. Too good to be true. Don't get suckered in like I almost did...also, doesn't hurt to read the fine print since the sales people usually don't.

Slightly defeated I come home not feeling as uplifted as I would have hoped. I guess I've just grown out of shopping kids and I'm OK with it. I was never a maniac with my credit card before but I honestly did enjoy fashion and the art of shopping and dressing cute. To tell you the truth I feel a sense of freedom. Don't get me wrong, if you like to shop and look cute that's no prob. I just happen to like the fact that I don't care anymore. I still obviously love having a trendy hair style and that helps me feel fashionable, but I've throw in the cardis and cute jeans for yoga pants and come out with a sense of peace knowing that I'm Michael's L.M.A. Low Maintenance Angel...ever heard of that? I guess it's a part of every boys dream girl, according to Michael.

Done and Done.

Some pictures as a reward for reading my whole story, which may or may not have been that interesting.


  1. Love everything about this post!!! Write more like this more often! :)
    Really great thoughts.

  2. I feel the same way. Lots of days I feel pretty drab but why get dressed up when you're just going to get pooped and spit up on, right? But I enjoy what I'm doing so much that it doesn't matter too much. I have found that I do like dressing up when Jonathan and I go on dates and usually on Sundays. That keeps me feeling somewhat cute. I love reading your blog... keep posting!

  3. oh man sarah....welcome to my world- the world of retail that is- it's all about the misleading coupons/sales...

    Oh, and once I get home from work everyday, it's basically sweat pants for me.

    and man how badly I want to meet adorable little Banks-he's absolutely beautiful.

  4. Love this post!

    From one LMA to another! :)

  5. Def interesting!! Loved reading this haha!! It's the world of motherhood apparently. At least you can keep up with your trendy hair hair is sick. Hasn't been cut for years!!