Wednesday, November 9, 2011

a model missionary

You can do both...
be a successful high fashion runway model and serve a mission.
Rosie is living proof.
This Sista is coming home next month and we are super duper excited. She's spending her last transfer at the Mesa Visitor's Center, so if you happen to be at the Mesa Temple checkin out the Christmas lights, keep your eye out for the tallest sister missionary there. Rosie is a perfect example of someone who lived up to her standards even while living in a world that endorses a very different point of view. Job well done. We love you Rosie and can't wait to have you back.


  1. I am from Phoenix, and I will be home for Christmas and hopefully I will get to go to the temple lights. I will most definitely keep an eye out for her if I do get to go. It would be cool to meet your sister! :)

  2. Just started crying reading this!! Sisters are the best!!!! So proud of her!!