Thursday, March 22, 2012

black sheep cafe

 Lovin our weekly, baby free date night thanks to little sis Rosie.
 chop salad

"goat burger"
no goat folks...this was probably one of THE best burgers I've had in my life...that's saying a lot considering I've consumed at least 1 burger a week since I was 8.

Green chili pork Navajo taco
Pretty dern good as well. Unfortunately for it, it got eaten after the goat burger which was slammed with flavor so up against the burger it was a little mild tasting but deserves a second chance. My Mom went too and said the beef enchiladas were to die for.
So basically, if you live in Provo and are looking for a fun new place to eat stop into the Black Sheep Cafe and you won't be disappointed.

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