Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I Love You

Sarah recently bought us these little "One Line A Day" journals that we have been writing in.  I decided that with my one line I would write down a reason I love Sarah every day.  Here are some of the recent entries:
  • I love Sarah because she packs my bag when I have to go on business trips and she always remembers things that I would have forgotten
  • I love Sarah because she always knows how long it has been since Banks woke-up or went to sleep.
  • I love Sarah because she let me get whatever I wanted at dinner.
  • I love Sarah because she had a delicious dinner ready for me when I got home.
  • I love Sarah because she supports me at work (staying late, whining about work, etc)
  • I love Sarah because she takes care of pretty much every aspect of our lives all of the time.
  • I love Sarah because she has already finished all of our taxes (Mar 2)
  • I love Sarah because she invited friends over and made dinner tonight.  Double hostess duty.
  • I love Sarah because tonight she asked, "Do you want a sweet treat?  Let's make funnel cakes!"... ummm yes please!
  • I love Sarah because she is faithful in her calling even when she doesn't love it.
  • I love Sarah because she gives me time to program, build RC airplanes and watch geeky Starcraft 2 tournaments.
  • I love Sarah because she tells me when my programming time is up and it is time for bed.
  • I love Sarah because of her love for good food.
  • I love Sarah because when I am confused or conflicted about a decision I can talk to her and it suddenly seems clear.  She has the perfect balance of listening, asking questions and giving suggestions that clarify what I am confused about.
Basically Sarah is the greatest friend, wife, mom and girlfriend (still dating) ever.  I love pretty much everything about her, but it helps to write things down so I can have a list.

PS: I also love her bangs even though she doesn't appreciate them.


  1. this makes me love her too!

  2. this is so sweet. sarah = wonderfulness