Friday, June 24, 2011

birthday post

Dear Rosi,
It's your day of birth.
This gives us reason to celebrate. You are on your mission in Arizona, and therefore cannot celebrate with us. That's okay though. You will be home soon and we will play with you then.

I have a few things to say about you on this wonderful day.
You are my younger sister but you are cooler than me. How did that happen?

Maybe because you...
  • rocked the modeling world one country at a time....Milan, Singapore, Japan, & NYC.
  • are super tall and skinny
  • can get tan...dang
  • got straight A's at BYU
  • are so kind and forgiving even when us older sisters decide to be punks
  • decided to serve a mission even when you got into the program of your choice at school
  • are an example to your friends and family
These are just a few reasons why I think you are pretty great.

Happy Birthday Pudge,
we all look up to you, quite literally.

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