Tuesday, June 28, 2011

to help move things along

I had a friend try this and it totally worked for her. I'm kind of scared though to do it. I was at the doctor yesterday and he said the baby's head is all the way down and ready to go, I just need to wait for the contractions to start....which I've yet to experience. He was pretty confident that I would go within a few days of my due date which happens to be Sunday. So I think I might go for it and give this a try guy.


  1. Yeah! You may as well!

    There's always castor oil. ;) I have never done it, but I would if I got desperate enough!

  2. DOOOO IT!!!! Acupuncture is a miracle worker! I'm a TOTAL believer.

  3. I've heard dancing is a great way to induce. Maybe Liz, you, and I should get together and boogie!