Friday, June 3, 2011

a cozy life

I took this picture of Archie yesterday morning. This pup leads a cozy life, and so do I.

What a blessing it has been to not have to work the WHOLE time I've been prego. Michael brings home the bacon, and so I have been able to have endless cozy time both in CA and UT. At first it was hard to go from working full time to not, but I must say, I adjusted quickly. I do admire all those women who work for most of their pregnancy, I don't know how you do it. In a way, I think this cozy time has been a perfect way to transition from life without Banks to what life will be like when Banks gets here. I'm sure I will look back at these last 8 months with envy, wishing I could have just one more day all to myself.

My cozy time is down to 30 days, give or take a few, and I must say I feel fulfilled. I'm ready to add a little more craziness into my life, but also a lot more fun. It's weird to think that after Banks comes, my life will be different FOREVER...just like that little boy in the Sandlot says...FOOOREVVER. Boy am I ready.

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