Saturday, June 4, 2011

rooftop concert

If you haven't been to the rooftop concerts in Provo, you are missing out.


  1. Love these posts! The pics are sooo great!

  2. Sarah, you did the concert with my peeps! I miss those guys. I was just exchanging emails with your mom and commenting that it is only a matter of days before she is a g-ma! Holy Smokes! Are you guys living in Provo now? That is my dream. To live in Provo and go to the roof top concert with my sisters and Ben. So excited to read the post in which you post about baby Banks. (What a cool name!) Perhaps we can get Banks and Ellis (our baby boy) together for a play date... :)Good luck in these last few weeks, little mama. I hope he comes early!

  3. Liza-

    We just moved back to Provo at the beginning of May. I've loved the concert series but last time was probably my last time going till the end of summa. Thanks for the shout out. We are pretty excited for Banks to get here...I'm done being prego.